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Summertime paddlers

The weather has finally warmed up and after determining our kids won’t turn into ice blocks we agreed (gave in) to their persistent requests to go in the pool.

Usually this means commitment to at least an hour of searching for the old pool inflatables but this time one of the kids had an idea that was unanimously supported by the siblings. Let’s get out the boats!

Byron tries out some of his old tricks and is pleased he can still roll and Coby and Summer give paddling a go for the first time . . .

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This morning before breakfast they were all dressed and ready for another training session.

Although Stuart was one of the best paddlers in the world when he was competing, we haven’t pushed the sport onto the kids. With this new enthusiasm for paddling, he’s very excited about the upcoming coaching sessions with three kids 🙂


Our canoeing expert but is he ready to coach the kids!

We’re lucky to have an Olympian in the household but I personally know canoeing isn’t an easy sport. (Thankfully no pictures of that).

The best place locally to learn to paddle is Penrith Whitewater Stadium, the Sydney 2000 Olympic venue which runs coaching and school holiday come and try sessions.

In the meantime, we’ll keep practicing in the pool!

Coby learns to paddle . . .

Byron’s success in rolling . . .

And we might try bush walking next . . .

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